Biden’s Age Issues Sink Dems in Swing States, Younger Challengers Circle

It turns out that Sleepy Joe is more than just a nickname – it’s becoming a real problem. A recent survey conducted for the “Democrats for the Next Generation” revealed President Biden is plummeting in all six crucial swing states, and it’s all thanks to his age and deteriorating mental state. When you can’t remember which state you’re in, swing voters start to notice.

In comes the well-funded brigade demanding a “mini-primary” between a bunch of Democrats under 60. They’ve thrown out names like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg, and brace yourselves, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These young guns apparently have a much better shot at facing off against Trump – or anyone, really – than the current commander-in-nap.

The Emerson College Polling survey highlighted that in a head-to-head contest, Biden is getting trounced by Trump. However, when the hypothetical younger Democrat is tossed into the ring, things start looking a bit rosier for the Left. It almost seems like the Democrats want to switch from one socialist to a younger socialist, hoping the age will make the bitter pill easier to swallow.

And it gets worse for the Democrats. The survey indicated that if Republicans run a “qualified candidate younger than Trump,” Biden’s chances are toast. Voters are longing for a president in their 50s, someone who can complete sentences without a teleprompter. On the other hand, imagining AOC or Buttigieg behind the Resolute Desk might be a bit too avant-garde for Middle America.

Dive into the numbers, and they don’t look good for Biden. Trump is ahead by 5 points in Pennsylvania, 4 in Arizona, 6 in Nevada – and that’s just a taste. In a stunning show of vulnerability, Biden’s support is floundering outside the margin of error in every crucial battleground.

Charging forward undeterred like a juggernaut that missed the exit ramp, Biden dismissed these concerns as the ramblings of “elites” and “millionaires.” One wonders if he knows most of his party’s leadership fits that description. The idea of a mini-primary has ignited some in the party, but Biden remains steadfast, like a ship sinking with its captain firmly at the helm.

The Democrats are in a pickle, trying to rejuvenate their image while the Grand Old Party rallies with its seasoned yet sprightly leaders. It will be a wild ride to 2024, and one thing’s for sure – the Democrats are feeling the heat as their oldest candidate ever struggles to keep pace with voters’ expectations.

Written by Staff Reports

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