Biden’s “All Lives Matter” Blunder: Pandering to Extremist Dems?

On Tuesday morning, President Joe Biden’s official X account released a post that had this “All Lives Matter” kind of tone. The post said, “History has taught us again and again that antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all hate are connected. We have to reject hate in every form.” Now, this sounds all fine and dandy, right? But hold your horses, folks! There were already 11,000 replies flooding in, and boy, were they not happy with what the President had to say. Many folks pointed out that the President probably didn’t even write the post himself. And you know what? They’re probably right. This is just another case of a decrepit old man getting his words put into his mouth by his staff.

Now, let’s talk about the President’s own party for a second, shall we? You see, there are members in his party who not only have a problem calling out antisemitism, but some of them actually engage in it themselves! Take Representative Ilhan Omar, for example. She’s part of the Squad, and let me tell you, they’ve got a lot of problems when it comes to hate. When Omar tweeted about Jews hypnotizing the world, did her own party have the guts to condemn her? Nope! Instead, they watered down a resolution to condemn all hate, just to keep their extremist wing happy. And guess what? The President’s post falls right in line with that. It’s all about placating the extremists in his party. Sad, isn’t it?

But let’s not forget about the House resolution from early 2019. The House, under Democratic-control at that time, voted on a resolution to condemn Omar’s antisemitic remarks. However, they couldn’t even bring themselves to do that! Instead, they went for a watered down resolution that condemned all hate. How’s that for standing up against antisemitism? Even the leftist Slate had issues with it, folks! They called it a total bungle and wondered who exactly the resolution pleased.

Now, let’s fast forward a bit. When the House was under Republican control, they had had enough of Omar’s antisemitism and took action. They voted to remove her from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. That’s what you call holding someone accountable, folks! But guess what? Omar and her Squad buddies haven’t learned their lesson. Recently, they’ve been making problematic statements about Israel’s response to Hamas’ attacks. They’re so focused on calling out Israel, they conveniently forget that Hamas attacked them first. It’s unbelievable!

And let’s not forget about President Biden himself. During a recent interview, he made some eyebrow-raising comments about Israel, folks. He said it would be a “big mistake” for Israel to occupy Gaza and talked about the need for a Palestinian state. Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems like Biden is forgetting who our allies are. Israel has every right to defend itself against Hamas, and we should stand by them, not cozy up to their enemies!

So, there you have it. President Biden’s post about rejecting hate may sound nice on the surface, but it’s just another one of his attempts to appease the extremists in his own party. It’s a shame, really. We need a leader who will stand up against hate in all forms, including antisemitism and Islamophobia. But it seems like the President is more interested in political games than doing what’s right. It’s just another example of why we need conservative leaders who will truly fight for our values.

Written by Staff Reports

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