Biden’s Amnesty Amid Tragic Murder Raises Safety Concerns

If anyone needed more proof of the Biden administration’s complete disregard for American safety, look no further than the tragic case of Rachel Morin. A mother of five, Morin was raped and murdered by Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who had already been deported three times. While this heart-wrenching news was unfolding, President Joe Biden decided it was the perfect time to offer near-total amnesty to almost 500,000 more illegal aliens and to waive deportations for another 350,000. Talk about tone-deaf.

Sen. Tom Cotton rightfully labeled Biden’s amnesty move a disgrace, especially given the timing. Stephen Miller, Trump’s brain on immigration, didn’t hold back either, criticizing the move as not only unconstitutional but downright reckless. Even the man himself, Donald Trump, a 2024 candidate-to-be, called this impending mass amnesty a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Historical trends in illegal immigration show the spike we are witnessing is unprecedented. Let’s not forget previous surges: back in the mid-’80s post-Reagan’s 1986 amnesty bill, and again, right before the terrorist attacks on September 11. Yet, Biden has managed to outdo those past surges by alarming margins. From the lows of Trump’s presidency, illegal entries climbed a whopping 666%. A number so staggering, it’s almost as if Biden had to work hard to make it happen.

Biden’s list of excuses for this colossal border fiasco reads like bad fiction. Blaming everything from failing regimes and economic hardships to the pandemic and natural disasters, Biden stretched credibility to new limits. Yet a quick fact-check shredded these justifications. The number of free countries increased, economic outlooks improved, and fewer countries had their borders shuttered because of the pandemic compared to before Biden took office. The bottom line doesn’t add up; none of these factors can possibly explain the unprecedented onslaught at our southern border. 


No, the real reason for this surge lies squarely at Biden’s feet. As a candidate, he made it painfully clear he planned to dismantle every single Trump-era immigration safeguard. His words weren’t just metaphor; he outright revoked policies and halted border wall construction on Day One. He pushed for a DACA amnesty bill, tossed aside travel bans from terror-ridden countries, and clamped down on deportations, even against the opinion of federal courts.

Biden didn’t stop there. His administration was quick to kill the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy and the public charge rule that kept welfare-dependant newcomers out. Surprise, surprise, illegal entries skyrocketed accordingly. From 72,000 a month before his election to a whopping 213,000 by the summer of 2021, Biden’s promises translated into real-life chaos at the border.

Then came the cherry on top: ending Title 42, the pandemic-era public health authority that kept cross-border traffic in check. Biden admitted it would be “chaotic for a little while.” Translation: fasten your seatbelts for a disaster. From that point on, illegal encounters surged to another historic high—300,000 monthly by the end of 2023. A staggering 2,600% hike from Trump’s airtight border policies.

In the midst of all this, Martinez Hernandez’s criminally free run on U.S. soil shows the grim reality of Biden’s failures. Even after a fourth deportation orders, his presence is too late for Rachel Morin and her five grieving children. This is the real cost of Biden’s immigration policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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