Biden’s Big Zelenskyy Chat Before War Fund Speech: What’s He Hiding?

President Biden had a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ahead of his highly anticipated prime-time Oval Office address. The purpose of the call was to discuss U.S. funding to support the war efforts in Israel and Ukraine. The White House emphasized America’s commitment to backing Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

During the call, President Biden made it clear that the United States stands firmly behind Ukraine and will continue to support its defense of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and democratic future. This message of support was greatly appreciated by President Zelenskyy, who expressed his gratitude to Biden, both parties of the U.S. Congress, and the American people for their unwavering assistance and leadership.

In a social media post, Zelenskyy praised American leadership, stating that it plays a vital role in rallying the world to protect life and maintain a rules-based international order. The timing of this call is particularly significant as it precedes Biden’s Oval Office address, where he will urge Americans to show their support for both Ukraine and Israel. Israel has recently faced the devastating aftermath of terrorist attacks by Hamas.

To further strengthen the military capabilities of Ukraine and Israel, President Biden is preparing a supplemental funding request to Congress. The request is rumored to exceed $100 billion and will include resources not only for these two nations but also for Taiwan and U.S. border security. It seems that Biden is eager to ensure the safety and security of these regions, while also maintaining a strong stance against any threats they may face.

Overall, it is clear that President Biden is taking decisive action to support Ukraine and Israel, and he is determined to rally the American people and the international community behind these causes.

Written by Staff Reports

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