Biden’s Blunder Arms Hamas: US Weapons in Afghan Fiasco Fuel Israel’s Crisis

As deadly attacks against Israel persist, shocking revelations have emerged linking the weapons left behind in Afghanistan to the hands of Palestinians and the notorious terrorist group Hamas. Despite President Joe Biden’s warning about the potential dangers of leaving weapons behind in a country plagued by terrorism, his administration’s failed withdrawal has now enabled these lethal tools to be used in slaughtering innocent people in Israel.

Back in 2007, while addressing the Madison County Historical Society in Iowa, then-Senator Biden made a solemn promise not to leave chaos in his wake. He cautioned that leaving behind billions of dollars’ worth of weapons would inevitably put our grandchildren in harm’s way. Sadly, President Biden disregarded his own sage advice and neglected the devastating consequences of an abrupt pullout from a war-torn region.

In Biden’s own words, he acknowledged the dire aftermath that could unfold:

If we were to abruptly end the war tomorrow and withdraw all troops, it would take a year to safely bring our forces home. However, if we were to leave all our equipment behind, we might manage to expedite that timeline to seven months. But mark my words, leaving behind billions of dollars in weapons, they will be used against our grandchildren someday.

Tragically, his careless actions have come back to haunt us all. Reports indicate that U.S. weapons left behind in Afghanistan after Biden’s disastrous withdrawal have found their way into the hands of Palestinians. This revelation further compounds the gravity of the situation, confirming that approximately $7 billion worth of military equipment intended for the Afghan government has fallen into the clutches of the Taliban.

These revelations make it abundantly clear that President Biden’s decision to abandon our responsibilities in Afghanistan was not only a grave mistake but also a betrayal of our allies in Israel. The consequences of his ineptitude have now put innocent lives at risk, as terrorists armed with American-made weapons continue to launch deadly attacks.

This is a stark reminder that strong leadership and careful decision-making are critical when dealing with national security. President Biden’s misplaced priorities in pursuing a hasty withdrawal not only endangered the region but also jeopardized the safety and security of Americans. It is high time for the Biden administration to take responsibility for their failures and rectify the damage they have caused. The safety and well-being of our allies, including Israel, should always take precedence over political expediency.

Written by Staff Reports

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