Biden’s Border Bungle: Migrants Flood Liberal Cities, Texas Fights Back

The incident, which was captured by Fox News, showed how ineffective the Biden administration's efforts at securing the border have been. Agents were seen dumping migrants on the streets as they arrived in unmarked white buses. Many of them appeared disoriented.

The most alarming part is that these migrants came from countries such as Pakistan and China. It’s unbelievable that our immigration system is in such disarray. These people are taking advantage of Biden's open border policies.

A video captured an encounter between a Border Patrol agent and a migrant, who asked if he could go to Chicago. The agent responded that he was free to do whatever he wanted to do, making it appear as if the country has turned into a playground for illegal immigrants.

The buses were allegedly linked to the policies of the Biden administration, not Texas Governor Greg Abbott. While the conservative governor is dedicated to securing the country's borders, Biden's team is reportedly contributing to the lawlessness and chaos in San Diego.

The mass release of migrants is not limited to San Diego. In addition, it has been reported in other areas such as Arizona, where migrants were allegedly left in the parking lot of a Dollar Tree without any direction or guidance.

In response to the growing concerns about the situation at the border, the state of Texas has deployed the National Guard to help secure the area. In El Paso, the soldiers were seen using razor wire to prevent groups of migrants from entering the US.

Despite the claims that the administration is making progress in addressing the border crisis, the numbers show that the situation is worsening under Joe Biden's watch. According to sources, the number of people apprehended at the border is expected to reach 230,000 in August, which would be a record for this month.

The increasing number of migrants entering the country illegally is the result of Biden's policies and the reversals of Trump-era measures. These policies have encouraged people to make dangerous journeys to the border. The overcrowding at US Customs and Border Protection facilities is also a result of the lack of effective measures by the Biden administration.

It is heartbreaking to see the children being placed in danger due to the policies of Biden and the president's failure to take the situation seriously.

The people of the United States are disgusted by the way the Biden administration is handling the situation at the border. It's clear that their strategy is both ineffective and dangerous, and it's time for them to take responsibility for their actions. Don't be fooled by their claims of a comprehensive and humane strategy, as all they have done is create chaos and put the country's security at risk.

Written by Staff Reports

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