Biden’s Boy Under Fire: Dems Ready to Roast GOP Impeachment Hero!

In a widely anticipated move, Democrats are preparing to challenge the credibility of witness Tony Bobulinski, who claims to possess evidence implicating President Joe Biden in a Chinese business deal. Bobulinski is scheduled to testify at the upcoming impeachment inquiry hearing conducted by the House Oversight Committee, shedding light on his experiences collaborating with Hunter Biden and James Biden on the Chinese project. However, allies of the Biden camp are endeavoring to depict Bobulinski as a disgruntled former associate with a personal vendetta against the Biden family.

Bobulinski played a substantial role in the Chinese business deal involving Hunter Biden and James Biden, affording him insights into the questionable business practices of the Biden family. He alleges that he observed discussions pertaining to President Joe Biden's involvement in the Chinese endeavor during the years when Biden served as vice president and later as president. This association eventually soured, resulting in his exclusion from the partnership with CEFC China Energy, the Chinese firm they sought to collaborate with.

Democrats and their supporters are swift to dismiss Bobulinski's assertions, pointing to his unrelated business history and strained relationship with the Biden family as reasons to discredit him. However, other sources corroborate Bobulinski's deep involvement in one of Hunter Biden's most contentious business transactions, underscoring his significance as a key witness. David Brock, the president of a group established to counter Republican oversight of the Biden administration, even highlighted a lawsuit Bobulinski had filed against his own father and his father's charity in an attempt to undermine his credibility.

Democrats, like Rep. Lloyd Doggett, endeavor to undermine Bobulinski's credibility by referencing his interactions with former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson. Doggett labeled Bobulinski as a "blowhard" and dismissed him as "thoroughly discredited." However, Bobulinski's appearances on Tucker Carlson's show and his public statements during the 2020 election accusing Joe Biden of wrongdoing are consistent with his claims.

The documents released by the House Ways and Means Committee encompass an FBI memo summarizing Bobulinski's complaint against the Biden family. In his complaint, Bobulinski details a series of events, including his initial meeting with Hunter Biden in Miami in early 2017, discussing the involvement of CEFC, a prominent Chinese firm, in conjunction with the Biden family. The proposed joint venture's ownership structure, SinoHawk, would have entailed CEFC owning 50%, while Gilliar, Walker, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Joe Biden would divide the remaining 50%. Emails discovered on Hunter Biden's laptop substantiate Bobulinski's account.

Despite assurances, the funds from CEFC never materialized, leading Bobulinski to believe the venture had fallen apart. However, years later, he learned from a Senate Homeland Security report that Hunter Biden had received millions of dollars from CEFC during their business dealings. Bobulinski was evidently excluded from the deal. Statements from another Biden family associate, Rob Walker, support Bobulinski's involvement. Walker disclosed that Bobulinski was brought in to help manage Hunter Biden due to his struggles with substance abuse.

As Democrats attempt to discredit Bobulinski, the mounting evidence appears to bolster his claims. WhatsApp messages provided to Congress by IRS whistleblowers indicate Hunter Biden's efforts to pressure CEFC executives to send funds directly to him. One message even suggests that Joe Biden was with Hunter Biden, inquiring about the delay in receiving the funds. The House Oversight Committee has yet to comment on Bobulinski's potential appearance at the hearing, which raises questions about their reluctance to confront the truth.

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