Biden’s Delayed Evacuation: Too Little, Too Late?

President Joe Biden’s lackluster response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas has been receiving criticism from concerned conservatives. However, the Biden administration finally took some action by organizing a charter flight to evacuate American citizens from Israel. The flight successfully landed in Athens, Greece, providing Americans with a way out of the war-torn country.

Although this is a step in the right direction, it is disheartening that it took so long for the Biden administration to act. The White House spokesperson, John Kirby, tried to defend their delayed response by stating that they were just “adding options.” But let’s be real, they were procrastinating while American lives were at stake. It’s a classic case of too little, too late.

Thankfully, there are plans for more charter flights in the near future, ensuring that American citizens and their immediate families have additional opportunities to leave Israel. These flights will transport them to various locations in Europe, providing them with a safer environment away from the ongoing conflict.

It’s worth noting that commercial carriers have also stepped up to help evacuate Americans. Flights from Greece to the United States have been added, making it easier for more Americans to return home. It’s heartening to see the private sector taking action when the government falls short.

In addition to the charter flights, the Biden administration announced an option for Americans to evacuate Israel by sea. Departures from the port at Haifa to Cyprus were made available, but at a cost. It’s disappointing to see that American citizens have to pay for their own rescue. However, given the administration’s lack of preparation, it’s not surprising that they are passing the financial burden onto the very people they’re supposed to protect.

Critics of Biden’s response have been vindicated by this evacuation effort. Representative Cory Mills, a Republican from Florida, criticized the administration for their lack of a plan and strategy. In a bold move, Mills himself traveled to Israel to facilitate the evacuation of stranded Americans. His actions put pressure on the White House and forced them to take action. It’s a shame that it took a Republican congressman to do the job that Biden should have been doing from the start.

Overall, while the evacuation efforts have finally begun, it’s clear that the Biden administration’s response to the crisis has been slow and ineffective. Americans should not have had to wait for so long to be evacuated from a dangerous situation. It’s a reminder that we need strong and proactive leadership to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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