Biden’s Dog Commander Attacks Multiple Secret Service Agents Raises Safety Concerns

Recently released information through Freedom of Information Act requests has shown that President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, has attacked several Secret Service agents over the course of several months. This raises serious concerns about the safety and management of the White House pet.

It is a troubling revelation that Commander, the German Shepherd owned by the Bidens, has displayed aggressive behavior towards multiple individuals responsible for the President’s security. This not only puts the agents at risk but also calls into question the judgment of the President and his administration in handling the situation.

The incidents detailed in the FOIA requests indicate that Commander’s attacks were not isolated incidents but occurred repeatedly over an extended period. Despite this pattern of behavior, it appears that little action was taken to address the issue, reflecting poorly on the Bidens’ responsibilities as pet owners. 


This situation highlights a lack of accountability and responsibility on the part of the President and his family. Owning a pet, especially one residing in the White House, comes with the obligation to ensure the safety of those around them. Failing to address the aggressive tendencies of a pet reflects poorly on the Bidens’ ability to prioritize the well-being of others.

It is crucial for the President to acknowledge and rectify this issue promptly. Ignoring or downplaying the severity of Commander’s actions only perpetuates a dangerous situation. The safety of all individuals, including Secret Service agents, should be paramount, and steps must be taken to prevent further incidents of aggression.

Written by Staff Reports

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