Biden’s Energy Levels Cause Alarm in the White House; Is He Fit to Lead?

Joe Biden’s ability to meet the demanding necessities of his office has come under scrutiny in recent reports. Sources claim that his advisors are becoming increasingly alarmed over his age and energy levels, worrying that he finds it “difficult” to attend events during the mornings, nights, and weekends. This has been a major cause for concern, as the 80-year-old President has long been speculated about having the fitness and energy for the role.

The White House’s crisis over the southern border, rising inflation, upcoming re-election bid, and unyielding accusation of an impending nuclear war by Russia has made this matter very critical. However, some say that Biden’s advisors have assuaged growing concerns by insisting that he is mentally sharp. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the president’s energy has been compromised, severely restricting his schedule.

Although some White House officials have praised Biden’s stamina, they’ve been quick to amend that highly compliment by saying, “for his age.” It’s also been difficult to plan Biden’s events due to his strict daytime routine, which comprises the vast majority of his public schedule, restricting his function.

Critics of the Biden Administration, especially Republican parties, have long argued that he is not competent enough to lead the country, emphasizing his many lapses in memory and frequent gaffes. The administration’s defense thus far, whereby they argue that Biden’s experience in public service makes him more than qualified for the presidency, has done little to ease the mounting concerns.

As the country’s challenges continue to increase, there are growing apprehensions as to whether or not Joe Biden is fit for the role, but his team remains confident that he can rise to the challenge, defying mounting criticisms. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether his age and physical wellness will allow him to sail through the challenges that come with the presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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