Biden’s Energy Secretary Caught Red-Handed! GOP Demands Impeachment Now!

In a stunning turn of events, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has been caught in a bold-faced lie under oath, and a GOP representative is calling for an impeachment inquiry. This is just another example of the smug arrogance that we have come to expect from Granholm and other Democrats in power. It seems like the liberal elite can never be held accountable for their actions.

Granholm testified back in April that she did not own any individual securities, but later admitted that she had falsely testified in a letter to lawmakers. She confessed to maintaining shares of six companies worth up to $120,000, despite her previous claims. And let’s not forget about her husband’s involvement too. He conveniently “discovered” that he owned shares in Ford Motor Company, which were then sold after the market opened. Talk about intentional deception.

Of course, Granholm tried to brush off her lies with the usual political spin. She claimed to take ethics seriously and regretted the omission of her spouse’s interest in Ford. But we’ve heard this story before, and we’re tired of it. The American people deserve better than politicians who think they can get away with lying under oath.

Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, is not buying Granholm’s mea culpa. She is calling for an impeachment inquiry into Granholm’s false testimony and violations of the Hatch Act. Granholm owned stock in Proterra while President Biden promoted the company, and her husband owned Ford stock while she used official resources to promote the company’s work. It’s clear that Granholm has a pattern of putting personal gain above ethical standards.

The Department of Energy’s ethics guidelines clearly state that “public service is a public trust,” and employees must prioritize loyalty to the Constitution and ethical principles over private gain. Granholm has violated these principles and should be held accountable. It’s time for Democrats to stop thinking they are above the law.

This is just another example of the hypocrisy and lack of shame within the Democrat Party. They think they can do whatever they want without consequences, and they don’t care if you like it or not. It’s time to stand up and demand accountability from our elected officials. We deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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