Biden’s FinCEN Targets MAGA Supporters: Privacy Invasion!

Outrage is spreading like wildfire in Congress over recent reports revealing the Biden administration’s alleged misuse of FinCen, an organization established to combat financial crimes. According to a January report, the Biden Treasury Department supposedly instructed banks to scour the private bank records of American citizens, targeting those affiliated with the “MAGA” movement, religion, and even specific political figures like Trump and Kamala.

The primary purpose of this invasive investigation was supposedly to identify individuals linked to the Capitol breach on January 6, leading up to President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Surprisingly, it was not a Republican-led inquiry that uncovered this disconcerting revelation, but rather the House Judiciary Committee and their Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina wasted no time in calling out this blatant intrusion into Americans’ privacy by sending a strongly-worded letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, demanding answers. He argued that this surveillance represents a clear violation of citizens’ constitutional rights, emphasizing the importance of due process.

Joining Senator Scott’s outcry, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan from Ohio expressed his disbelief and anger at this unwarranted surveillance. In a series of social media posts, he sarcastically pointed out that engaging in everyday activities such as shopping at Bass Pro Shop or purchasing a Bible might have flagged individuals for scrutiny by the federal government.

The sheer audacity of the Biden administration to spy on Americans and specifically target conservatives and Trump supporters is truly mind-boggling. Republicans are rightly appalled, as FinCen was intended to combat money laundering, not engage in political espionage. It is abundantly clear that the Democrats, who tirelessly vilify former President Donald Trump as a supposed “threat to democracy,” are in fact the ones posing a far greater threat to our democratic principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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