Biden’s ICE Closure Ignites Union Fury: Jobs on the Chopping Block!

President Joe Biden’s potential closure of the Adelanto ICE Processing Center in California, as reported by the liberal media, has infuriated labor unions. The Teamsters and the National Federation of Federal Employees are leading the charge against this decision, adamantly petitioning President Biden and congressional lawmakers to keep the facility open, despite calls to shut it down from Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates.

The private GEO Group-operated facility, which can house nearly 2,000 immigrants but has been mostly empty due to a COVID-19 outbreak, is a prime target for closure. Still, the labor unions are fighting tooth and nail to keep it open, citing the need for jobs and the “special population of people” that requires “a very distinct approach to their care.”

Even Rep. Jay Obernolte (R-CA) has jumped into the ring, slamming Biden’s potential closure of the facility as disastrous. He argues that with the historic surge in northern migration, the facility’s 1900 beds are vital for detaining and processing illegal immigrants. Instead, he criticizes the administration’s reliance on the policy of catch and release, claiming it has resulted in millions of immigrants flooding into communities and causing financial burdens.

Moreover, the labor unions are feeling snubbed by Biden, who they endorsed in 2020, as neither group has thrown their support behind him for the 2024 cycle yet. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump has been actively courting their support, meeting with Teamsters members and pledging to address worker issues important to the union.

In the past, the Adelanto facility has faced accusations of inhumane conditions and medical care, including multiple violations of ICE’s health and safety standards, as well as reports of nooses found in detention cells. However, despite these concerns, the labor unions are fighting to keep the facility open, arguing that it provides essential jobs and services for the local community.

In conclusion, Biden’s potential closure of the Adelanto ICE Processing Center may not only be a blow to the labor unions but also a strategic fumble heading toward the 2024 election. The pushback from the unions, coupled with the historic surge in northern migration and the potential financial burden on local communities, may spell trouble for Biden’s administration. It remains to be seen what actions the Biden administration will take and whether they will heed the fervent pleas of labor unions and local politicians.

Written by Staff Reports

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