Biden’s Israel Support Falters, Hamas Gains Ground

President Biden’s words may sound supportive of Israel, but his actions tell a different story. While he talks about the friendship between the United States and Israel, his policies lean more towards appeasing the left. Biden may say he supports Israel, but when it comes to actually standing by their side, he falls short.

Take, for example, Israel’s planned ground invasion of Gaza. It’s no secret that Israel needed to strike sooner rather than later to prevent Hamas from further strengthening its defenses. The longer they waited, the more hostages were at risk of abuse and even death. We have all seen the horrifying videos and images of Hamas’s cruelty. They are the epitome of demonic barbarism.

But who forced Israel to delay their invasion? None other than the United States. Reports indicate that the US government asked Israel to hold off on the ground invasion to negotiate the release of more hostages and allow aid to enter Gaza. The idea of negotiating with Hamas is foolish, as they have shown time and again that they cannot be trusted. And as for humanitarian aid, the UN has even admitted that Hamas has been stealing it. So why is Biden sending aid to those who attacked Israel in the first place?

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken delivered a strongly worded message to Hamas, warning them not to steal or divert the aid. Wow, I’m sure Hamas is quaking in their boots. Moral lectures from Blinken don’t seem to be deterring anyone these days. But what’s even more troubling is the fact that the United States is sending humanitarian aid to Gaza at all. If any country deserves aid, it’s Israel, the one that was attacked.

Senator Marsha Blackburn echoed these concerns, pointing out that Hamas was intercepting aid meant for the people of Gaza. This aid is not reaching those who need it most, but instead ends up in the hands of terrorists. Yet the Biden administration continues to promise more aid money to Gaza. This is nothing more than providing resources to terrorists intent on killing Jews and Americans.

President Biden claims to support Israel’s defense against barbaric terrorists, but his actions suggest otherwise. He continually throws up roadblocks or outright aids the enemy. Every day without an Israeli ground invasion allows Hamas to fortify itself further. It’s time for Israel to find new friends in the White House.

Senator Mitch McConnell hit the nail on the head when he said that Israel is our strongest ally in the world, and we trust them. We should be standing side by side with Israel, without the need for unnecessary oversight. However, it seems that the Biden administration doesn’t trust Israel enough to let them respond to Hamas’s aggression in Gaza.

Israel’s hand is raised in defense, but President Biden is trying to hold them back. It’s high time we stand in lockstep with Israel and provide them the support they need. They deserve true friends in the White House, not ones who waver and hesitate when it comes to standing up against terrorism. It’s time for a change.

Written by Staff Reports

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