Biden’s Mysterious Monday Shutdown: The Truth Uncovered!

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that while Hamas held Americans hostage in the Gaza Strip, President Joe Biden was not only avoiding public appearances, but also being grilled in a two-day interview by Special Counsel Robert Hur. This investigation focuses on Biden’s mishandling of classified information following his time as vice president. It seems that Biden decided to stash some of these classified documents right next to his beloved corvette in his Delaware home, where Hunter Biden conveniently spent a lot of time during the pandemic. Talk about careless!

The White House, of course, wants us to believe that this interview was all part of their cooperation with the investigation. White House Counsel spokesperson Ian Sams released a statement, claiming that Biden’s interview was conducted voluntarily and took place at the White House over the course of Sunday and Monday. They continue to insist that they are being transparent, but it’s hard to believe that when they’ve conveniently kept Biden away from the public eye on important matters such as the Israeli war against Hamas.

It’s clear that Biden and his team are trying to juggle multiple scandals at once, whether it’s the ongoing crisis in the Middle East or his own mishandling of classified information. It’s no wonder they’re desperately trying to control the narrative and dodge the tough questions. As conservatives, we must demand accountability from our leaders. It’s time for Biden and his administration to stop hiding and start addressing these serious issues head-on.

Written by Staff Reports

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