Biden’s NATO Speech Raises More Concerns About His Competence and Coherence

Joe Biden’s recent appearance at the NATO anniversary event was a cringe-worthy display of incompetence that left many wondering how the rest of the world views him. Despite the media finally acknowledging his ongoing issues with coherence, it’s not news to those paying attention. German officials even resorted to scheduling meetings with lower-ranking personnel due to Biden’s early bedtime habits, a fact kept hidden from the American public. If our allies are aware of Biden’s shortcomings, it’s safe to assume our enemies are too.

Not only has Biden been skipping important dinners with world leaders, including the G7 summit, but he continues to rely heavily on teleprompters and written notes to appear competent. His recent remarks at the NATO event included taking credit for increased financial contributions from alliance members, something former President Trump had pushed for. However, Biden’s speech quickly devolved into a mess of slurred words and nonsensical phrases, showcasing his inability to communicate effectively.

From mispronouncing “Ukraine” to stumbling over basic sentences, Biden’s speech was a painful reminder of his declining mental acuity. His attempt at humor fell flat, with a poorly executed joke about extending the service of NATO’s Secretary-General. Despite White House attempts to spin the narrative and portray Biden as strong and confident, his speech only reinforced concerns about his fitness to lead. It’s clear that Biden’s struggles with public speaking are not going away anytime soon, no matter how hard his handlers try to cover them up.

Written by Staff Reports

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