Biden’s Pandemic Playbook: Selling Economic Delusion?

The economy is still a pressing concern for voters as the 2024 election cycle approaches. President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is taking notice of his low polling numbers when it comes to his handling of the economy and is preparing to implement a new strategy to address this issue. They have been focusing on “Bidenomics,” which encompasses the president’s economic priorities and policies, as their main message. Despite decreasing inflation, low unemployment rates, and a boost in consumer sentiment after the pandemic, Biden only has a 38.3% approval rating in regards to the economy.

Campaign officials have admitted that they need to do more to sell Bidenomics to the American people. They recognize the importance of connecting the president’s investments and economic improvements to the issues that Americans have been asking for action on, such as prescription drug costs and infrastructure. The campaign plans to utilize ads, speeches from the president, and top surrogates, but they are also focusing on “relational organizing.” They believe that people are increasingly making decisions based on information from their friends, family, and trusted networks. As a result, the campaign will be enlisting the help of local community leaders, online influencers, and activist groups to effectively communicate Biden’s economic agenda.

For the campaign, it is crucial to engage with young voters, and they see the inclusion of influencers with loyal audiences as an important part of their strategy. By leveraging the reach and influence of these influencers, they hope to effectively sell Bidenomics to this demographic. This approach mirrors tactics employed by the Biden White House during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, where they relied on out-of-government sources and celebrities to promote vaccinations.

Biden faces an uphill battle when it comes to improving his economic polling numbers. Cliff Young, president of U.S. public affairs at Ipsos, believes that while there are signs of optimism on the consumer side, the overall economic situation remains challenging. People may be experiencing decreasing inflation, but the growth rates are not high enough to significantly improve approval ratings. Young emphasizes that a poor economy has a more detrimental impact than a good economy has a positive one. The campaign will have to find a way to overcome these challenges before the 2024 election.

Opinion: Despite the administration’s attempts to promote Biden’s economic agenda, it is clear that the American people are not convinced of their effectiveness. The president’s handling of the economy, despite some positive indicators, has not lived up to expectations. Bidenomics may sound promising on paper, but it has yet to deliver meaningful results for the American people. It is no surprise that the campaign is struggling to sell its message. The fact that they are considering relying on influencers and activist groups instead of credible economic experts is worrying. It seems like they are more focused on optics and trying to appeal to certain demographics rather than addressing the real concerns of everyday Americans. It’s time for the Biden administration to focus on enacting policies that will genuinely benefit the economy and restore confidence in their leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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