Biden’s Polar Bear Plunge: Chills & Thrills at Billionaire’s Retreat

Ahead of Nantucket, President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden commenced their Thanksgiving observances by taking a refreshing plunge in the frigid waters. Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of the 81-year-old president, posted a photo of the family encased in towels following their chilly swim, proclaiming, "Annual Biden family polar bear plunge. Thanksgiving greetings!"

On Thursday, the water temperature in Nantucket Sound reached an extremely low 48°F, rendering the plunge an audacious and chilly commencement to the holiday season. Since 1975, this chilly custom has been an annual occurrence for the president, who has spent nearly every Thanksgiving on the island.

Biden and his grandchildren gained notoriety during his vice presidential term for their attendance at Nantucket's Cold Turkey Plunge, a philanthropic undertaking that entailed a chilly swim into saltwater. This time around, the president chose to celebrate the holiday season in the icy waters off the opulent 13-acre beachfront estate of industrialist David Rubenstein.

The extravagant holiday retreat of the Biden family at Rubenstein's mansion has sparked controversy, as it is unknown whether the president is responsible for the rental fee of the property valued at $38.9 million. This inquiry has been left unanswered by the White House, which further adds an air of mystery to their vacation.

In appreciation for the efforts of local first responders, the president and first lady Jill Biden presented the Nantucket Fire Department with a substantial quantity of pumpkin pastries prior to their subzero swim. Biden addressed the ongoing hostage situation in Gaza and the imprisonment of American citizens in Russia in a brief manner amidst the Thanksgiving jubilation, maintaining a tight-lipped stance and providing little reassurance.

Biden's optimistic yet circumspect statements regarding the possible liberation of hostages and his resolute message to a Wall Street Journal reporter and former US Marine incarcerated in Russia on espionage charges demonstrate a president confronted with formidable global obstacles. Notwithstanding the jubilant outward appearance, the president's vacation endeavors are overshadowed by significant geopolitical and diplomatic strains.

President Biden's icy descent and reluctance to offer concrete updates on crucial global issues highlight the significant obligations that accompany his position, placing the presidency in a more somber context amidst the joys of the holiday season.

Written by Staff Reports

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