Biden’s Rabid Canine Commander Evicted from White House after Attacks!

In yet another incident involving President Joe Biden's German Shepherd, recent reports indicate that his youngest dog, Commander, has been relocated from the White House due to his increasingly aggressive behavior. This development follows the previous removal of another German Shepherd named Major, who was sent away from the White House last year due to his penchant for barking, biting, and jumping on people. It appears that the training and established protocols to manage Commander's conduct proved unsuccessful, as additional biting episodes have occurred since then.

CBS News had previously disclosed that emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act documented approximately ten separate incidents in which Commander had either attacked or bitten a member of the Secret Service. While some of these incidents were relatively minor, a few required medical attention, and one even led to a hospital visit. The White House attempted to downplay the seriousness of the dog's behavior, attributing it to the "stressful environment" within the White House premises.

Nonetheless, CNN has now reported that Commander is no longer residing at the White House, and there have been further biting incidents involving staff members and a White House grounds superintendent. According to Axios, undisclosed insiders assert that Secret Service agents and White House personnel have reached their breaking point, feeling that the first family is unwilling to address the issue. The ongoing disciplinary problems with the Biden dogs are viewed as a liability and a threat to the well-being of staff members.

Although the White House has pushed back against these reports, it is evident that Commander's aggressive conduct poses a genuine danger to those employed at the White House. It is irresponsible for the President to have a dog that cannot be controlled and jeopardizes the safety of others. This situation underscores concerns about the lack of order and leadership within the Biden administration, with some suggesting that such an issue would not have arisen under the leadership of former President Donald Trump.

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