Biden’s State Department Shreds Own Boss Over Ceasefire Fiasco

In a recent State Department press briefing, Spokesman Matthew Miller shut down the idea of a “ceasefire now” being pushed by Hamas sympathizers in the Democratic party and their anti-Israel allies. When asked about the United Nations’ position on a ceasefire, Miller rejected the idea, stating that it is not the policy of the United States government. He made it clear that the United States supports Israel’s right to defend itself against the constant rocket attacks launched by Hamas.

The truth is that Israel is still under attack. Hamas, along with other Iran-backed terrorists in the Gaza Strip, have been launching rockets indiscriminately into Israel. These attacks have killed innocent civilians, and Israel should have the right to protect its citizens. A ceasefire now would only benefit Hamas and give them the opportunity to regroup and plan further attacks. Hamas has shown no concern for the people living in the Gaza Strip, as they have used them as human shields and prevented them from evacuating.

It is worth noting that the State Department has instructed its staff not to call for ceasefires or restraint, as it is important for Israel to eliminate the terrorists who have attacked its people and prevent future attacks. Whether Miller’s statements reflect his personal beliefs or are in line with recent guidance, the fact remains that a ceasefire should not be the goal until the terrorists responsible for the attacks on Israel are dealt with. It is important for the United States to stand with Israel in its fight against terrorism.

Written by Staff Reports

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