Biden’s Tasteless Jest on Gaza Hospital Bombing?

President Joe Biden’s notorious habit of saying the wrong things continues to haunt him. Despite having the ability to learn from past mistakes, it seems that Biden simply cannot help himself. And this time, his off-script remarks have caused quite a stir in the Muslim world.

The drama began when news broke about a hospital in Gaza being struck by an Israeli airstrike, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people. However, as it turns out, this was nothing more than fake news. In reality, it was a rocket misfire from Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group firing into Israel. But this didn’t stop the news media from running with Hamas propaganda, causing widespread protests across the Arab world.

To make matters worse, the American embassy in Beirut is now evacuating non-essential staff, adding to the chaos. And during all of this, President Biden decided to pay a visit to the dangerous region. Thankfully, nothing major happened during his brief trip, but it’s what he said on the plane ride back to the United States that has people talking.

In a shocking display of insensitivity, Biden made a quip about the Gaza hospital bombing, stating that Hamas and their allies need to “learn how to shoot straight.” Seriously, Joe? These are terrorist organizations we’re talking about. They shouldn’t be shooting at all, let alone shooting straight into Israel, which is already under attack from multiple sides.

It’s clear that Biden’s lack of self-control and penchant for making inappropriate comments remains a serious issue. Not only are his remarks offensive and disrespectful, but they also showcase a complete lack of understanding of the complex situation in the Middle East. This is not the leadership America needs right now.

Written by Staff Reports

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