Biden’s Twitter Gaffes Expose Reality: Who’s Really Senile Here?

President Joe Biden’s online presence is nothing short of cringe-worthy, and it’s not even him behind the keyboard. He has not one, but TWO X accounts—@POTUS and @JoeBiden—to spread messages that often have nothing to do with reality. It’s like his handlers are playing a never-ending game of “Who Can Post the Strangest Message?”

But let’s be real here, out of all the people who should NOT be laughing at someone else’s mental agility, it’s Biden himself. The man is a walking gaffe machine, prone to speaking gibberish, having conversations with people who are miles away, and even getting into sparring matches with his very own teleprompter. It’s a sight to behold, really.

And yet, someone on Team Biden thought it would be a brilliant idea to draw attention to mental fitness. Biden tweeted about Trump’s slip-up, where he confused “Haley” with “Pelosi” during a rally. Yes, it was a mistake, but let’s not forget that Biden makes about 15 of those per speech. Talk about the pot calling the kettle senile!

Meanwhile, GOP candidate Nikki Haley also thought she could jump on the bandwagon and claim that Trump’s cognitive abilities have declined. But here’s the thing: Haley is only 52 years old, a whole 25 years younger than Trump. She hasn’t shown any signs of mental decline, unlike a certain 77-year-old president we know. It’s just not as funny when Biden tries to capitalize on these things.


Oh, but Trump hears the noise and isn’t one to shy away from addressing criticism. At a rally in New Hampshire, he set the record straight. Turns out, he took a cognitive test and aced it. He knows who the president is, folks! Trump even joked that he’ll let us know when he goes bad, as if that will ever happen. Age is just a number for him, while Biden is struggling to remember what day it is.

Whether you love or loathe Trump, you can’t deny that he can speak for hours on end, often without the need for a script. Biden, on the other hand, has these moments where he just drifts into a stupor, leaving us wondering if he’s fallen asleep standing up. It’s a stark reminder of how mentally compromised the current president truly is.

So, let Biden keep laughing. It only exposes his own weaknesses. And for the rest of us, it’s just a reminder of why we need a leader who can actually string together coherent sentences without the help of an autocorrect bot.

Written by Staff Reports

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