Bill Maher Shreds Left’s Hamas Bias: Defends Israel’s Right to Fight Terror

In a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the panel had a serious conversation about the horrific terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas. Shockingly, they all agreed that Israel had the right to defend itself and retaliate against these acts of terror. It’s refreshing to see some common sense prevailing in the liberal media for once.

Maher called out the American media and the Left for suggesting there is moral equivalency in this debate. He rightly pointed out that Israel has always held the moral high ground. It’s absurd to even suggest that Israel purposefully kills children. Any civilian casualties that occur are simply unfortunate collateral damage, a far cry from the outright celebration of civilian deaths by Hamas.

The IDF has been taking every precaution to minimize civilian casualties, even going so far as to warn civilians to evacuate areas targeted by airstrikes. But of course, the Left conveniently overlooks these efforts in favor of portraying Israel as the aggressor. This bias is truly astounding.

The discussion also touched on the intentions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the broader issue of finding peace in the region. While the panelists debated Netanyahu’s motives, the reality is that both sides need to share the land and find a way to coexist. However, it’s clear that some Arabs would rather spend their time plotting ways to harm Jews than working towards peace. It’s a sad reality, but one that cannot be ignored.

The Left’s misguided support for Hamas and their refusal to acknowledge the stark differences in values is truly baffling. Maher listed a range of values that we, as a liberal democracy, cherish, such as free speech, gay rights, equality for women, and religious tolerance. These values are completely absent in Hamas-controlled Gaza. It’s mind-boggling that there are people who think we should align ourselves with an organization that shares none of our values.

Maher’s criticism of the Left doesn’t stop there. He’s been increasingly at odds with his own side on issues like free speech, cancel culture, and political correctness. He understands that radical Islam poses a real threat, and it’s refreshing to see someone in the entertainment industry speak out against it.

The recent events in Israel have exposed the Left’s inability to understand the true nature of terrorism. Maher, Kirchick, and Duss all acknowledge that there is a small but vocal minority on the Left that fails to grasp the severity of what happened on October 7. It’s a wake-up call for all of us to recognize the dangers of radical Islam and stand firmly on the side of those fighting against it.

In the end, Maher reminds us that Israel should not follow in America’s footsteps after 9/11. They must continue to hold the moral high ground and defend themselves against those who seek to do them harm. It’s time for the liberal media and the Left to wake up and see the reality of the situation.

Written by Staff Reports

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