Black Florida Dem SUPPORTS DeSantis In Blocking ‘Trash’ AP Course

One of the most common statements about houses divided is that they cannot stand. Unfortunately, in these uncertain times, the two political parties are struggling for dominance. It is also dividing us along racial lines. We must not allow this outlook to continue. Until we can rediscover what makes us Americans, we will remain at odds.

The decision by Bill Proctor, a commissioner in Leon County, to support Governor Ron DeSantis' ruling to prevent the teaching of a new AP African American studies course in Florida has been hailed as a victory for those advocating for national unity. By joining forces, both men have demonstrated that racial division should not determine their stance on education.

It is believed that Proctor's decision will be viewed by conservative groups as a sign that Florida residents are ready to move past divisive identity politics.

According to reports, Proctor, who is African-American, supported DeSantis' decision to prevent the teaching of an AP African-American studies course in the state. The governor cited multiple reasons for preventing the course from being taught.

After making the statement, Proctor called the decision by DeSantis "trash." He also criticized the tone of the leadership in the state. He noted that it was very concerning that some leaders were hostile to the teaching of African-American history.

According to Proctor, the curriculum of the College Board is "trash." He also stated that he has taught African-American history and that the topics he has taught have not been associated with feminism and queerness. He claims that he has created various syllabuses for the history course and that none of the discussions have been about these subjects.

Throughout his career, DeSantis has been an opponent of CRT. He has used his office to remove it from various government agencies, schools, and colleges. According to NBC 6, the AP board has now announced the changes that the governor requested.

DeSantis' decision to stop the political agenda-making process among students was the right one. African-Americans are being dragged into the LGBT cult's cause despite having no background or history related to it. It is troubling to see that their identity is being linked to efforts such as queer studies, even though there has been no discussion about this subject previously.

Black activists are speaking out against the oppression that they see happening in their communities, and leftist politicians are taking credit for this movement.

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