Black Voters Abandon Biden: Approval Rating Drops to 58% in Latest Poll

A recent Associated Press (AP) poll has revealed that black voters’ enthusiasm for supporting President Joe Biden’s reelection bid in 2024 is dwindling. The poll shows that only 55% of African American voters are likely to back Biden in his pursuit of another term, compared to the 81% of Democrats who would support him if he becomes the Democratic nominee.

Additionally, the same AP-NORC poll found that Biden’s approval rating among black voters has significantly declined, with only 58% approval and just 41% of black voters expressing a desire for him to run for reelection. One of the contributing factors to this decline is Biden’s inability to follow through on student debt relief, and others have also expressed a lack of enthusiasm for his performance in the midst of a struggling economy and high inflation.

A decline in support from black voters for President Joe Biden was also highlighted in recent polls. According to a Pew Research poll, Biden’s approval rating among black voters dropped from 82% in January, when he assumed office, to 59%. Similarly, an ABC News-Washington Post poll showed that only 52% of black voters approved of his performance, a significant decrease from earlier in his term.

This drop in support could provide a significant advantage for former President Donald Trump if he chooses to run in 2024. The same ABC News-Washington Post poll found that 27% of black voters are considering voting for Trump in the general election if he runs against Biden. This represents a substantial improvement for Trump, who received only 12% of the black vote in the 2020 election. Furthermore, Trump currently enjoys a significant lead over his potential Republican opponents, positioning him as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Overall, while Biden is still enjoying decent support from Democrats, the fact that black voters are losing their enthusiasm for his bid could be a significant problem for his reelection campaign. With the economy and inflation continuing to be a concern, and Biden’s inability to deliver on student debt relief, it remains to be seen how much ground Biden can make up with black voters in the coming years.

Written by Staff Reports

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