Blogger Blasts Biden’s Debate Performance Calls Out CNN for Biased Moderation

In a scathing take on the recent presidential debate, the conservative blogger dissected Joe Biden’s performance, likening it to a moment of revelation akin to a scene from a classic film. With sharp wit and biting sarcasm, the blogger painted Biden as an older man being puppeteered by unseen forces, unfit for the demands of the Oval Office.

Turning the spotlight on CNN, the blogger didn’t hold back in criticizing the network for what was perceived as biased moderation during the debate. Through colorful descriptions of CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, the blogger accused the network of prioritizing their own agendas over fair coverage, ultimately alienating a significant portion of their audience.

Delving into the history of CNN under Jeff Zucker’s leadership, the blogger characterized the network’s leftward shift as a strategic blunder that led to a loss of credibility and viewership. By positioning CNN as catering solely to a fringe extremist audience, the blogger argued that the network had marginalized itself into irrelevance.

With a mix of mockery and disdain, the blogger highlighted CNN’s “checkmated” position, where they were faced with the dilemma of either pandering to their remaining viewers or risking further alienation by treating Trump fairly. Ultimately, the blogger concluded that CNN’s handling of the debate had backfired, further diminishing the network’s standing in the eyes of the public.

In a final flourish, the blogger celebrated what they saw as a moment of triumph – the exposure of Biden’s supposed shortcomings and CNN’s alleged self-inflicted downfall. With a tone of satisfaction, the blogger reveled in what they deemed a victory for their conservative ideals, framing the debate events as a validation of their long-standing criticisms of Biden and the mainstream media.

Written by Staff Reports

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