Bombshell Footage: Cops Chill as DNC Bomb Looms!

In a shocking turn of events, newly released footage has uncovered the nonchalant response from Secret Service and D.C. Metro Police personnel after the discovery of a pipe bomb outside the Democratic National Committee building on January 5, 2021. The seven-minute clip, released by U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), has been meticulously scrutinized by Revolver News founder Darren Beattie, revealing some troubling details.

The footage shows a man in a backpack nonchalantly approaching a D.C. Metro Police SUV to inform them about the presence of the pipe bomb, which was found next to a bench outside the building. Astoundingly, Secret Service and D.C. Metro Police personnel appeared to be lingering around in a leisurely manner, despite the gravity of the situation. Even more concerning, then Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was present at the DNC building at the time of the bomb’s discovery.

As if the lackadaisical response wasn’t bizarre enough, the officers failed to intervene or halt passing pedestrians, raising serious questions about their commitment to ensuring public safety. Surveillance footage later revealed a coffee cup on the bench next to the pipe bomb, which was deemed highly unusual given the windy conditions that day. Beattie suggested that someone had been sitting there recently, possibly the plainclothes officer. Additionally, previously released footage of the suspect showed the individual sitting on the same bench.

The analysis of the footage also uncovered glaring issues with the quality of the footage provided by the FBI. The low framerate of the footage was called into question, with Beattie highlighting that the average gas station uses CCTV cameras with a much higher framerate. The lack of urgency displayed by law enforcement personnel was further exemplified by the nonchalant behavior of Secret Service agents and the lack of concern for the safety of children walking in the vicinity.

In a truly perplexing moment, a police officer was seen approaching the pipe bomb, taking a photo, and inexplicably giving a “thumbs up” before everyone quickly dispersed. The FBI’s ineffectiveness in identifying the alleged pipe bomber, despite offering a hefty reward, has raised eyebrows, especially considering the bureau’s aggressive tactics in other cases. The lack of progress in locating the individual responsible for planting a bomb in such a crucial location has left many questioning the bureau’s priorities and competence.

Written by Staff Reports

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