BOMBSHELL Report Exposes Texas Teachers After CRT Ban

The state of Texas has enacted a law, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, that aims to shield students from being instructed on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and The 1619 Project, which proposes a different perspective on America’s origins, placing it at the arrival of the first black slaves rather than in 1776 when the country’s Founding Fathers proclaimed independence. Nevertheless, a recent inquiry conducted by Accuracy in Media (AIM) has exposed that a number of school districts are flouting the law.

Evan Whitefield, the science director at Coppell Independent School District (ISD), has stated that the prohibition on Critical Race Theory (CRT) will not impact their curriculum. Instead of teaching CRT, they have chosen to avoid it altogether. Coppell ISD’s science department has embraced “Phenomenon-based learning,” an approach that derives from constructivist, socio-constructivist, and sociocultural learning theories.

Tara Nichols, the director of Teaching and Learning at Mesquite ISD, has stated that the new law has little effect on the school district. They follow an “equitable” educational approach, which entails offering teachers resource links to books such as “So You Want to Talk About Race” and “Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain.” This teaching approach has been characterized as a “neo-Marxist” educational theory that is mostly a rebranding of existing ideas.

Marissa Perez, the English Language Arts and Reading Content Coordinator at Edgewood ISD, has stated that they do not adhere to much of Governor Abbott’s directives. According to Perez, the superintendent prioritizes the well-being of the students over political pressure or popular opinion.

Surprisingly, a different school district offers links to an essay from The 1619 Project on “The Economy That Slavery Built” as part of their eighth-grade U.S. history curriculum. The director of instructional technology acknowledged that they may be operating unnoticed by authorities.

When Accuracy in Media (AIM) inquired about parental opposition, Millie Reynolds, the assistant director of Secondary Social Studies at North East ISD, stated that the criticisms hold no sway. According to Reynolds, although some parents may object, they do not emerge victorious in debates, and nobody wants to undergo that ordeal. It appears that these school districts are endeavoring to promote a left-wing agenda among our children with impunity.

It is outrageous that these school districts are blatantly disregarding the law and attempting to indoctrinate our children with their radical leftist ideologies. This is a clear violation of our children’s rights and an affront to our Founding Fathers and our nation’s history. It is up to us as parents and citizens to stand up against this type of indoctrination and ensure that our children are taught the truth about our nation’s history and founding principles. We must demand that our school districts comply with the law and protect our children from this type of radical leftist agenda.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Townhall

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