Border Agents Warn of Shocking New Immigration Bill

According to several US Border Patrol agents, a proposed legislation by Democrats in Congress would encourage immigrants to lie in order to gain entry into the country. The bill would require authorities to release detained individuals who claim to be gay or lesbian.

According to some agents, the proposed legislation would encourage more illegal entries into the US. It would also encourage people to become LGBTQ. Although they have only seen a few individuals traveling to the country as migrants, they believe that everyone will be considered to be LGBTQ if this passes.

The bill, which is known as the Dignity for Immigrants Act, would force authorities to release vulnerable individuals, such as those who are transgender or gay. According to the agents, this policy would lead to more fraudulent claims and an increase in the number of people abusing the US border.

The bill would also affect other vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, asylum seekers, and survivors of gender-based violence. Many agents noted that migrants would take advantage of the bill's authority to avoid being detained. They believe that people will lie about their sexual orientation or gender in order to get around the law.

One agent claimed that many immigrants would likely believe that they would receive better treatment under the proposed legislation. However, Allen R. Orr, a former president of the AILA, doubted the claims made by the agents.

He claims that the Border Patrol officers are instructed to check the truthfulness of immigrants' claims. He also stated that migrants from Catholic nations are unlikely to claim to be part of the LGBTQ community due to fear of their relatives.

The bill has been condemned by US Border Patrol agents, who are already struggling with the high number of migrants entering the country illegally. In the last fiscal year, over two million encounters involving migrants were recorded at the US-Mexico border. The offices of Adam Smith, Pramila Jayapal, and Cory Booker have not responded to requests for comment.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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