Boston Betrays Black Community for Biden’s Border Bypassers!

The city of Boston has left the largely black neighborhood of Roxbury shaking their heads in disbelief after shutting down their beloved community center to make room for more of President Joe Biden’s illegal border crossers.

The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Community Center, once a bustling hub for Little League baseball, volleyball, and various community events, has now been transformed into a temporary living space for illegal immigrants. A decision that has left the locals fuming and feeling abandoned.

One young resident, Jeremiah Rodriguez, eagerly arrived at the community center only to discover that it was no longer available for his baseball team’s practice. He expressed his disappointment, saying, “We usually practice. They were closed.”

The frustration was also echoed by Jeremiah’s father, Yrbin Rodriguez, who expressed his disbelief that the facility was being used to house illegal immigrants instead of serving the needs of the community.

But the real outrage stems from the fact that this predominantly black community has been left without a vital community center, all in the name of accommodating Biden’s flood of illegal aliens. The facility served as the heart of the neighborhood, where families and children would gather for recreational activities. Now, their cherished space has been taken away from them.

Community activist Clifton Braithwaite was quick to condemn the city’s decision, expressing his disgust at the prioritization of illegal immigrants over the needs of the local residents. In a neighborhood where the median income is significantly lower and the majority of residents are people of color, the city’s actions are seen as a clear betrayal of their own community.

The actions taken by Boston are not isolated incidents. Similar shutdowns have occurred in Democrat-led cities like Chicago and New York, where resources intended for residents have been redirected to house illegal immigrants. This trend has sparked massive protests and widespread outrage among local communities.

It’s a classic case of the Democratic leadership turning a blind eye to the needs of their own constituents in favor of prioritizing illegal immigrants. And the people of Roxbury are the latest victims of this misguided and misplaced generosity.

Written by Staff Reports

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