Boston Dems Bid to Let Non-Citizens Vote, Eroding American Rights!

Democrats on the Boston City Council are making headlines by advocating for voting rights for foreign nationals in the United States. Councilwoman Kendra Lara is leading the effort, introducing a measure that would permit foreign nationals on green cards, visas, and other legal statuses to cast votes in Boston's municipal elections. The Democratic-dominated council, with 12 members, is expected to support this proposal.

Lara argues that since immigrants with legal status pay taxes and contribute to Boston's economy, they should have the right to participate in the electoral process. However, critics counter that voting is a fundamental American right reserved for citizens, not individuals residing in the country temporarily.

Councilman Ricardo Arroyo has also endorsed the idea, viewing it as a means to increase voter turnout in Boston. Critics find this suggestion outrageous, as it proposes granting voting rights to individuals who are not citizens and therefore should not have a say in local decision-making.

This isn't a novel concept for Democrats, as they have advocated for non-citizen voting rights in other cities. In New York, however, the state's Supreme Court rejected a similar plan, deeming it unconstitutional. The hope is that common sense will prevail in Boston as well.

Critics argue that these Democrats are prioritizing their political agenda over the best interests of American citizens. Accusations of pandering for votes and pushing a radical agenda are prevalent. Ultimately, the people of Boston are urged to discern through this situation and stand up for the integrity of the electoral process.

Written by Staff Reports

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