BREAKING: Whistleblower Exposes Biden Family Gambling Business

According to information disclosed by a whistleblower on Monday, President Joe Biden was associated with a family gambling business enterprise in Latin America when he was serving as President of the United States.

This new information directly contradicts Joe Biden's previous assertion that he never discussed the family's economic endeavors with his son, Beau, on many occasions.

According to the source who spoke with the Daily Mail, Joe Biden's involvement included hosting a conference call in 2012 with his son Hunter Biden, his business partner Jeff Cooper, the late Harry Reid, and Harry Reid's son Key Reid to discuss an online gambling platform known as Ocho Global. This platform was active in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Argentina.

According to the statement made by the source, With the direct observations I had, it's evident that Joe was involved in the business.  He was not inactive; rather, he was discussing the issue. If I were forced to describe him, I would say that he was similar to a member of the board of directors.

According to emails sent by Hunter, Cooper estimated the value of the gaming firm to be approximately $30 million in 2011, with the Argentina component being valued at $10 million in March of that same year.

According to the publication, emails reveal that Hunter had an interest in Ocho's parent company, Eudora Global. This investment brought the president's son a gain of $300,000 in 2015, as well as income of $77,000 and a long term capital gain of $584,000 in 2017 and a gain of $646,000 in 2019.  According to reports, Hunter had managed to acquire a three percent share in Eudora by the year 2016.

The former vice president's involvement in the project has been linked to allegations that he attempted to extort money from a Chinese energy corporation controlled by the Communist Party of China (CCP). In 2020, businessman and whistleblower Tony Bobulinski stated that Biden had been promised a 10 percent stake of the agreement.

Joe Biden took Hunter to Mexico on Air Force Two in the same year that Hunter acquired a three percent share in Eudora. While in Mexico, Hunter spoke with his business associates from Mexico City. Cooper, who oversaw a sizable litigation firm known as SimmonsCooper, participated in the business meeting that took place during the trip.

Communications from 2014 found on Hunter's laptop indicate that he may have desired to receive compensation from the online gambling platform in the form of a joint venture legal business that was established by Cooper, Joe, Hunter, and Beau Biden. These emails date back two years.

When Joe, the first JRB, joins the team in 2016, Hunter emailed him, saying, I think it is vital we (the three of us) maintain full authority in order to grow this as a foundation for both JRBs [Beau and Joe].

The letters also included information regarding the payment structure that will be utilized for the participants in the deal. The law company operated as a joint venture would generate somewhere in the "ball park" of $1.2 million yearly in addition to Beau's current income of $500,000.

Because Beau Biden passed away in 2015 at a hospital in Maryland, the family's plans to open a combined legal business were never realized, despite the fact that Joe Biden has stated on two separate occasions that Beau died in Iraq.

It wasn't the first time that Cooper has collaborated with the Bidens on a commercial endeavor. As reported by the New York Post, Coopers' law business had attempted to establish an investment firm with the Bidens in 2009 by contributing one million dollars to the fund as an initial investment. In 2016, Cooper accompanied Joe and Hunter Biden to Mexico in an attempt to negotiate a successful petroleum transaction with Aleman Magnani. Unfortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful.

At least seven times, Joe Biden and his staff have said that the president has not been engaged in the family company, but 18 pieces of evidence suggest otherwise. This includes Joe Biden's influence on the careers and lives of his sons Hunter and Beau as well as his brother James.

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