Buttigieg Confronted On DC Streets Over “Toxic Train Wreck” Response

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was confronted by a Daily Caller News Foundation reporter on Tuesday over the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. The derailment, which occurred on February 3rd, spilled toxic chemicals and caused evacuations and shelter-in-place orders. The reporter asked what Buttigieg had to say to the people of East Palestine who were suffering from the incident.

Buttigieg responded by referring the reporter to his earlier comments and stated he was taking some “personal time”. He then asked if he could take a photo of the reporter, which she posted on Twitter. In an interview with Reshad Hudson, a Washington correspondent for Nexstar, Buttigieg expressed regret for not speaking out sooner and assured that he was focused on taking action that would make a difference. He also announced during an interview with Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos that he would visit East Palestine but did not give a timeframe. Former President Donald Trump announced he would visit East Palestine on Wednesday.

The Secretary of Transportation has been criticized for his handling of the derailment, including not discussing it in public until February 13th, when he posted a thread on Twitter. On the same day, Buttigieg expressed concern about the demographics of construction workers.

The Daily Caller News Foundation requested comment from Buttigieg but did not receive an immediate response. The Secretary of Transportation has yet to make an official statement regarding the derailment and its effects on the people of East Palestine. It is unclear when he will visit the town or what actions he will take to address the situation.

The derailment has caused considerable distress for the people of East Palestine and many are eager to hear what Buttigieg has to say about it. As Secretary of Transportation, it is his responsibility to ensure that such accidents do not occur and that those affected are provided with adequate assistance. It is hoped that Buttigieg will soon make an official statement and take action to address the situation in East Palestine.

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