Cali Courts Push Parents: Bow to Kids’ Gender Wishes or Lose Custody

Conservatives are outraged by California's plan to require judges to consider the parents' statements about their child's gender identity when it comes to making custody decisions. Supporters of the legislation, which was approved by the Senate on Wednesday, claim that it will safeguard the LGBTQ+ kids of divorcing parents.

The bill was also opposed by every Republican senator in the state. They claimed that it infringed on the rights of parents.

Senator Scott Wiener from San Francisco defended the bill, saying that it was needed to prevent harm to kids. He explained that it was about not having to be involved after a child had been beaten. Despite the importance of protecting kids, Republicans seemed to be skeptical about its effectiveness.

The vote comes amid a heated debate about transgender rights in the country. There have been various restrictions on how individuals can be treated and how schools can notify parents about their gender identity. California's bill would add affirmation as a factor that judges can consider when making custody decisions.

This involves considering the level of contact between the child and both parents, as well as whether or not the parent has been abusive.

Although the bill does not require courts to prioritize a child's gender affirmation, it does allow them to consider it in certain cases. Assemblymember Lori Wilson said that it could be helpful to provide kids with toys that correspond to their gender identity.

In California, minors are not allowed to undergo gender-affirming medical procedures without their parents' consent.

According to supporters of the legislation, it could help the kids of divorcing parents have better outcomes. Alexis Sanchez, a community activist, said that the bill could help kids going through a difficult time due to their parents' separation.

Although the bill has already been sent to the governor, Gavin Newsom still needs to sign it into law. The California legislature has less than two weeks left to pass hundreds of bills before the year ends. One of the most contentious issues that the assembly discussed was a resolution urging congress to take action on gun control.

Democratic state Senator Aisha Wahab, whose father was killed by gun violence, urged the lawmakers to pass the bill. But, conservative legislators noted that it could open the door to other constitutional amendments.

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