Cambridge Dictionary Changes The Definition Of “Woman” In Trans Agenda Push

The Cambridge Dictionary has apparently gotten carried away by Merriam-Webster's erroneous definition of "Woman." Instead, it has changed the term to appease transgender activists.

It's not clear when the Cambridge Dictionary decided to add transgenderism to its list of terms. However, it has now included a subset of the actual definition of woman. This is an adult who identifies as female but has reportedly had a different sex at birth.

The new definition includes the following sentences: She was the first transgender woman elected to the national office. Mary was born a woman who was assigned a male at birth.

The archives show that the Cambridge Dictionary only used the normative version of the word "woman" to refer to an adult female human being.

The SMART Vocabulary section of the Cambridge Dictionary included terms such as heteronormative and gender reassignment.

In July of this year, a report by the right-wing news outlet, Breitbart News, revealed that the Webster's Dictionary had altered its definition of the word "Woman" to promote a transgender ideology.

The updated definition of the word "woman" by Merriam-Webster included the word's inclusion of transgender ideology. It noted that this term refers to a person who has a gender identity that is different from that of the male.

According to the Webster's definition, groups of females are made up of people who are either members of the female sex or have previously been female. The "woman" in the dictionary still refers to an adult female individual.

A separate entry in the dictionary also provides a description of a person's internal sense of being either male or female.

This year, the CDC came under fire after it included a statement about breastfeeding in its language. The agency had also included terms that were associated with transgender ideology.

The agency also referred to a term used by transgender individuals to describe breastfeeding as a type of act that they perform. It did not imply that these individuals have undergone breast augmentation or other procedures.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

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