Celebs’ Secrets Exposed! Trump to Publish Private Letters in New Book

Former President Donald J. Trump's forthcoming book, "Letters To Trump," will feature a collection of over 150 personal letters he has received from prominent figures worldwide throughout a span of 40+ years. The letters include correspondences from influential personalities such as presidents, royals, celebrities, business magnates, and even Oprah Winfrey.

The book sheds light on a time when it was common for celebrities to exchange informal letters, and Donald J. Trump was among the prominent personalities who engaged in this practice. He has meticulously selected the letters from a large collection he had amassed over the years and kept in various properties. The letters serve as a testament to the respect that many of these figures had for Trump long before he embarked on his political career.

Donald Trump expressed his admiration for Oprah Winfrey, acknowledging that he still regarded her as "amazing." However, he regretted that the sentiment was not reciprocated. According to Trump, Winfrey never spoke to him again after he declared his candidacy for president. This occurrence is one of many instances of liberal bias that the former President encountered during his tenure in office. It is unfortunate that a person as influential as Oprah Winfrey would so quickly abandon someone who had always shown her respect for many years.

"Letters To Trump" is the second book authored by former President Donald J. Trump since his departure from the White House. The book presents a rich collection of photographs that showcase personal letters he received from prominent figures over the past four decades. Among the correspondents featured in the book are President Richard Nixon, Princess Diana, Hillary Clinton, and Chairman Kim Jong Un, among others, providing a distinctive outlook on significant historical events.

President Trump personally handpicked each letter featured in this book, along with his own commentary. Before his notable political career, Trump had already established himself as a prosperous real estate mogul and popular media figure. This publication promises to provide a fascinating glimpse into Trump's life before his presidency, serving as a valuable testament to his achievements and lasting impact as the leader of the United States.

Winning Team Publishing has published the book, which reveals a portion of Trump’s private collection of letters from world leaders, celebrities, athletes, and business magnates who have played a role in shaping the United States and the world. It’s clear that President Trump has been respected by many of these figures for decades, long before his political career began.

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