China’s Ambassador to US Calls for Loyalty from Chinese-Americans: Is He Asking for Spies?

The United States must be wary of China’s latest attempts to infiltrate American society. According to two open letters published by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China’s new ambassador to the United States, Xie Feng, called for Chinese students and compatriots in the US to work with the Chinese Embassy. Xie urged these groups to be “bridges” between the US and China, but in reality, he is asking these individuals to spy on and report back to China. It is crucial that the US put a stop to these efforts to undermine our national security.

Xie’s letters emphasize the idea of “blood is thicker than water” to gain the support of Chinese-Americans while also inviting them to visit China. The second letter urged Chinese nationals studying abroad in the US to serve their homeland. This blatant call for loyalty to China reeks of propaganda and should not be taken lightly.

It is important to note that Xie is a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a former vice minister of foreign affairs. This background should raise red flags to the United States government and its citizens. Recently, US-China relations have reached an all-time low, with only 15% of Americans holding a favorable view of China according to a Gallup poll. The decline in relations can be attributed to the CCP’s aggressive tactics, such as committing genocide and engaging in military “rehearsals” for a Taiwan invasion.

The US must be vigilant and prevent China’s efforts to infiltrate our society. We cannot allow the CCP to use individuals as leverage for their political gain. The US needs to strengthen our national security and ensure our citizens’ safety by exposing and dismantling China’s spies and secret networks operating on American soil.

Written by Staff Reports

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