Clyburn Backs Kamala as Biden’s Blunders Multiply

The circus is back in town, folks, and the Democratic Party’s Big Top is rife with speculation. The whispers around the Beltway aren’t just about whether old-man Biden has lost his marbles but who could get the golden ticket to replace him. Kamala Harris, usually somewhere between invisible and incompetent, might find herself in the starring role if the Democrats lean her way. Congressman James Clyburn, Biden’s loyal ally, is already waving pom-poms for Harris.

Clyburn, doing his best cheerleader impression, is adamant that the Democratic Party shouldn’t skirt around Harris. He insists that the party should back her, whether she’s Biden’s sidekick or taking the top spot. Imagine that – the woman who couldn’t manage the border crisis now potentially lined up to manage the entire country. But hey, if the Democrats are willing to swap out their golden oldie, Clyburn’s ready to trade his support.

Even Nancy Pelosi, the queen of spin herself, is subtly distancing from Biden while keeping her options open. She is hinting that maybe, just maybe, Biden’s endless gaffes aren’t just momentary lapses but a “condition.” Even Pelosi can’t ignore the elephant in the room – and no, it’s not the GOP mascot, although it might as well be with all the gloating Republicans are doing.

Over in the White House press room, Karine Jean Pierre is tap-dancing around questions like she’s auditioning for a Broadway musical. Reporters are scratching their heads, wondering why Biden doesn’t pass the baton to Kamala. Jean Pierre’s evasive maneuvers aren’t fooling anyone, and her inability to provide concrete answers only fuels the flames.

Meanwhile, the crystal ball (better known as CNN’s poll numbers) shows Harris might not be as disastrous as one might think. She actually poses a narrower margin against Trump compared to Biden. Yet, in all scenarios, the numbers still favor Trump, suggesting that any Democrat swapping out one disaster candidate for another may well be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

So, as the Democratic Party toys with the idea of a leadership swap, it’s clear their bench is as deep as a kiddie pool. Whether it’s Harris, Newsom, Buttigieg, or Whitmer, none seem capable of outshining Trump according to the polls. The Democratic strategy appears as directionless as Biden on a stage. And with internal factions squabbling and no clear path forward, it’s not just the White House that’s in jeopardy – it’s the whole Democratic spectacle.

Written by Staff Reports

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