Clyburn Blames Biden’s Criticism on Childhood Stutter Not Cognitive Decline or Gaffes

On a recent episode of CNN’s “Laura Coates Live,” Biden-Harris Campaign Co-Chair Rep. James Clyburn tried to offer an excuse for why so many Americans view President Joe Biden as too old for the job. According to Clyburn, it’s not because of Biden’s frequent gaffes or his cognitive decline, but rather because people aren’t sensitive enough to his childhood stutter. Clyburn claimed that Biden’s struggles with stuttering make him rush his words, leading some to mistakenly interpret it as just another one of his many blunders.

When pressed on why more people see Biden as too old compared to former President Donald Trump, Clyburn resorted to blaming soundbites and alleged lack of focus among the public. He argued that Biden’s stuttering history is an “ever-present” issue that people should consider before judging the President’s mental acuity. Clyburn painted a sympathetic picture of Biden, highlighting his childhood battle with stuttering and implying that any verbal miscues should be excused due to this past struggle.

Clyburn’s attempt to downplay Biden’s age and cognitive issues by attributing them to his stutter is a tired and transparent defense. While it’s commendable that Biden overcame a stutter as a child, it’s a stretch to use this as a shield against valid concerns about his fitness to lead the nation. Rather than addressing Biden’s numerous public gaffes and moments of confusion, Clyburn opted to deflect criticism by appealing to sympathy for the President’s past difficulties. This kind of excuse-making does a disservice to the American people who deserve transparency and honesty from their elected officials, regardless of their personal struggles.

Written by Staff Reports

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