CNN Analysis: 66 Percent of Democrats Still Back Biden Amid Health Concerns

CNN data guru Harry Enten’s analysis regarding Democratic voter support for President Joe Biden despite concerns over his health and debate performance has stirred the political pot. Enten highlighted that while a majority of Americans may believe Biden should step down, a significant 66% of Democrats are standing by their man, indicating a strong base of support for the embattled president.

The aftermath of the recent CNN debate between Biden and former President Trump has left many questioning Biden’s ability to carry on, with reports of freezing up, verbal stumbles, and an overall lackluster showing. Despite this, Democratic voters seem reluctant to abandon ship, with only 32% in a Reuter/Ipsos poll calling for Biden to exit the presidential race. In fact, alternative Democratic candidates like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, J.B. Pritzker, and Andy Beshear trailed Trump in the polls, with Michelle Obama leading the pack when pitted against the former president.

Enten pointed out historical instances where incumbent presidents Truman and Johnson withdrew from reelection bids due to lack of support. Drawing parallels to Biden’s situation, Enten underscored that Biden’s polling numbers, even when facing criticism, are stronger than what Truman and Johnson experienced before exiting the race. This comparison aims to highlight that Biden, despite facing challenges, is still holding strong within his party’s voter base.

The data presented by Enten suggests that while there may be vocal calls for Biden to step down, the core Democratic supporters are not yet ready to abandon him. With Trump leading in national head-to-head matchups and Biden trailing behind, the Democratic establishment may face further pressure to evaluate their strategy moving forward. Despite the push from some quarters for Biden to quit the race, the resilience of his loyal Democrat base could prove to be a deciding factor in the upcoming election cycle.

Written by Staff Reports

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