CNN Staffers Issue Ultimatum: Lemon Out or They’re Out!

The recent comments by Don Lemon have sparked a potential crisis for CNN. Female staffers have issued the network an ultimatum, threatening to quit if Lemon is not fired. The news has sparked speculation that Lemon’s resignation could be imminent, with sources suggesting that it could happen as soon as tomorrow.

The controversy began when Lemon made comments about women over 40 being “past their prime” and questioned former UN ambassador Nikki Haley’s intelligence and qualifications. The remarks were widely criticized as sexist and led to backlash from viewers and fellow journalists.

Despite the mounting pressure, a spokesperson for the network has denied reports that Lemon is being pressured to resign. The spokesperson told DailyMail that it was “patently false” to suggest that Lemon was being forced to resign.

The ultimatum issued by female staffers has caused a stir within the media industry. Many are questioning whether Lemon will be able to survive the controversy and remain an influential figure in the media industry. If the network fails to take action, several have threatened to quit, which could lead to a major shakeup at CNN.

The situation is still unfolding and it remains to be seen what will happen next. It is clear that the female staffers at CNN are not willing to let this issue go and are determined to make sure that Lemon is held accountable for his remarks. Whether or not the network will take action remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the controversy surrounding Don Lemon is far from over.

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