Colorado Law Forces Teachers to Use Chosen Pronouns, Ignoring Parents

Colorado has taken a dangerous turn with a new law that infringes on teachers’ freedom of speech and cuts parents out of important decisions. This law forces teachers to use whatever pronouns a student chooses, even if goes against their beliefs. Colorado, once a great state for families, has now become like East California, thanks to the Denver-Boulder Axis controlling the narrative.

The law disregards parents entirely, allowing students to dictate how they should be addressed without any consideration for parental input. This is a clear violation of parental rights and undermines the role of parents in their children’s education. By prioritizing students’ chosen identities over teachers’ rights, the law sets a troubling precedent for compelled speech in schools.

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, including the right not to be forced to speak in a certain way. This law directly contradicts that principle by mandating how teachers must address students, regardless of personal objections. It opens the door for potential legal challenges on the grounds of violating constitutional rights.

The justification for this law as being necessary for public peace, health, or safety is absurd. There is no logical connection between pronoun usage in schools and the well-being of society. This overreach by the government is a clear example of political agendas taking precedence over common sense and individual rights.

Colorado’s descent into authoritarian policies like this should serve as a warning to other states. Parents, teachers, and citizens must stand up against such infringement on basic freedoms and push back against government overreach. Upholding the rights of individuals, including the right to free speech, is essential to maintaining a free and democratic society.

Written by Staff Reports

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