Congresswoman Greene SILENCES Climate Change Alarmists

During a committee hearing on Capitol Hill, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman from Georgia, garnered attention once again by making a bold statement about climate change. She expressed her belief that humans are not responsible for the fluctuations in global temperature and used the end of the ice age as evidence.

Greene confidently asserted that people are not affecting climate change and questioned whether governments made any changes or collected taxes to melt the ice during the ice age. In her opinion, climate change will continue to occur.

In addition, Greene criticized those who advocate for open borders and allocating billions of dollars to foreign countries to address climate change. She argued that it is unnecessary to open up borders and spend billions or even trillions of dollars on foreign countries just because they disagree with climate change.

Greene also made reference to her past remarks on the amount of taxpayers’ money spent to warm up the earth during the ice age, which she made two years ago at an event in Georgia. Her comments are seen as refreshing in a world where liberals are perceived to constantly push their climate change agenda.

Greene took a swipe at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal, referring to her as a “little girl.” She sarcastically mentioned the proposal to stop using oil and coal and questioned the logic behind it, attributing the idea to AOC from New York.

Greene’s willingness to speak out and express her views is seen as refreshing compared to Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Senator who is more focused on political correctness than serving the American people. Manchin has opposed sensible regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions and even blocked President Joe Biden’s Department of Interior nominee in March due to her history of climate activism.

We need more brave leaders like Marjorie Taylor Greene who are not afraid to stand up for what’s right and expose the lies being fed to us by liberals. It’s time to wake up and realize that the climate is going to change no matter what we do, and it’s not our fault.

Written by Staff Reports

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