Crybaby Biden Throws A Fit Over Bad Press Coverage

Joe Biden does not appreciate the attention he receives from the media. Poor Joe.

According to a recent report, although the president is reportedly sulking around the White House, he is telling anybody who will hear that the media simply does not understand him. In addition to this, the complaint has been made public by the White House, which is doing so because they want the entire world to know that he is a baby.

White House director of communications Kate Bedingfield told NBC News reporter Mike Memoli that there is basic doubt, especially among the D.C., east coast press corps, in President Joe Biden's vision, strategy, tactics, and capacity to execute the things he has promised.

There are reams and reams of stories and tweets from reporters stating that his plan has been killed, that he was out of date, and that he is out of touch with where the nation is at. She continued, But what actually occurred is that we pulled together a remarkably successful series of legislative successes that has confounded those assumptions.

Where does Biden live, and what colour is the sky there? The United States of America is being crushed by the weight of inflation, surging gas and food prices, and rising levels of crime. As well as every recent poll demonstrates that voters are placing the responsibility on Biden, despite the fact that he is busy blaming everything on Putin's price hike.

Even though the majority of reporters who cover him are on the left, the president continues to openly criticize the press as being hostile toward him. In a study of journalists that was carried out in 2020 by The Washington Post, almost eight in ten respondents identified as liberals or Democrats.

For example, earlier this month, when reporters were being escorted out of the Oval Office following a meeting of the White House task force on abortion, they peppered the president with queries. The scolding vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, was outraged and said, You're among the only reporters in the world who do this. In all seriousness, in all seriousness

Um, just so we're clear, Joe, that's our responsibility, and the Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution so it can't be changed.

Memoli discovered a profound undertone of disrespect for the press coverage of the president in the conversations he conducted with employees of the White House.

The press staff for President Joe Biden has not been shy about expressing their displeasure with the way their boss is represented in the media. And as of late, the president has taken it upon himself to express that same level of displeasure, he added.

Biden is beginning to feel, as do some of his closest aides, that the press corps just does not understand him and will not give him a fair shake. This is a perspective that Biden is slowly coming around to sharing. However, Biden has not actually put the mainstream press under his iron fist, Bedingfield pointed out. According to what Memoli wrote, He just interacts with them quite different than his predecessors did.

Differently? Try very little if at all. When compared to his predecessors, Biden has participated in a significantly lower number of news conferences and one-on-one interviews. According to the study by NBC, President Barack Obama had completed 231 interviews through September of his second year in office, but President Joe Biden has only completed 42 interviews.

Memoli, who is quite likely one of the eight out of ten leftist reporters, argues in favor of Biden and the lack of coverage by the media.

The White House believes that there is a diminishing return on investment in participating in more traditional press engagements with members of the Washington press corps who, in their view, continue to be fundamentally dubious of Biden's performance. This is the White House's bottom line perspective. The White House has prioritized deploying Cabinet and senior officials to perform local and regional press interviews, Memoli wrote, rather than relying only on less conventional means of getting President Biden's message out.

But if Joe Biden thinks the press coverage is terrible now, he should watch until after Election Day in 2022. At that point, he will have lost both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and Democrats, along with his friends in the media, will realize he is a tremendous liability and abandon him in droves.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Wire.

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