Curious Twist as New Hampshire Voters Hear Calls Sounding Like Biden!

In yet another case of election interference, some voters in New Hampshire are reporting receiving phone calls urging them not to vote in the Republican primary. Instead, these calls encouraged them to save their energy for the general election and vote for Democrats. But what makes these calls particularly concerning is that the voice used in the robocalls sounds eerily similar to President Joe Biden.

According to NBC News, the New Hampshire attorney general’s office is now investigating these calls for potential election interference. The calls began with the phrase, “What a bunch of malarkey,” a term commonly used by Biden. It is worth noting that the number used for the calls has been linked to former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan.

Sullivan is currently leading a PAC effort to have Democrats write in Biden’s name on their ballots, as it is not currently listed due to state election officials disregarding new Democratic National Convention rules. Interestingly, Sullivan herself filed a complaint upon discovering that her personal number had been used for the robocalls.

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office released a statement saying that the calls are under review and appear to be an unlawful attempt to disrupt the New Hampshire Presidential Primary Election. They are treating the calls as a crime and are encouraging anyone who received one to file a complaint on the New Hampshire Department of Justice website.

It is disheartening to see such blatant attempts at election interference, particularly by impersonating the President himself. As we approach the crucial 2024 election, voters must remain vigilant against these malicious tactics which seek to undermine our democratic process.

Written by Staff Reports

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