Degrees Don’t Equal Brains: The Shocking Truth

In today's world, it's easy to mistake a fancy degree for genuine intelligence. The mainstream media and liberal elites would have you believe that a master's degree or a Ph.D. is the ultimate proof of someone's intellectual superiority. But let's get real: a piece of paper doesn't equate to common sense, wisdom, or even basic intelligence.

Take a look around. Our universities are churning out graduates who can recite Marxist theories but can't change a tire or balance a checkbook. They might know every detail about the latest social justice fad, but ask them to solve a real-world problem, and they're as lost as last year's Easter eggs.

Remember those experts who told us the world was ending in 12 years because of climate change? How about the geniuses who thought lockdowns would save us from a virus, only to wreak havoc on our economy and mental health? These "educated" individuals might have degrees up the wazoo, but their lack of practical intelligence is staggering.

Written by Staff Reports

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