Dem Congressman Busted Dodging Border Questions, Reporter Exposes ‘Fake Phone’ Act!

In a hilarious yet embarrassing moment for Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona, a reporter attempted to confront him about the ongoing border crisis, only to be met with a comical response. While being questioned, Gallego appeared to take a fake phone call. Talk about avoiding the tough questions!

The exchange was captured and shared by Ben Bergquam, the host of “Law & Border” on Real America’s Voice News, who cheekily posted the video to the social media platform X. Bergquam didn’t hesitate to call out Gallego and every other open borders Democrat, asking, “Are you paid off by the cartels or are you selling out America for free?” Ouch!

Just as the congressman heard his name called, he smoothly grabbed his phone and pretended to be in the midst of an important conversation. “Nice fake phone,” Bergquam snarkily remarked, clearly not fooled by Gallego’s theatrics. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to question the congressman, despite his attempts to avoid the discussion. Bergquam boldly asked, “Sir, are you paid off by the cartels? How much are they paying you, sir? How many terrorists is OK to come through that southern border that you are allowing?” Gallego, unable to hide his discomfort, chose to ignore the questions and simply walked away.

This incident comes at a time when the border crisis is reaching unprecedented levels. According to a September report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, there were a staggering 269,735 border encounters in that month alone. It’s no wonder Bergquam was determined to hold Gallego accountable for his stance on the issue.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Bergquam also took the opportunity to ask Gallego about his feelings towards GOP firebrand Kari Lake, who is running for the Senate seat currently held by independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. Clearly, Lake’s strong stance on the border and fentanyl crisis struck a nerve with Gallego. In fact, Lake confronted him earlier this month during a chance encounter on a flight back to Arizona. Lake didn’t hold back, calling Gallego out for his lack of action on the border crisis.

Despite the heat from Lake, Gallego seems to be holding his own in the polls. A recent survey showed the Democrat leading both Lake and Sinema in a hypothetical three-way race. Only time will tell if his controversial stance on the border will have any impact on his constituents’ support.

In the end, it’s disappointing to see a politician resort to fake phone calls rather than face tough questions. But hey, at least we got a good laugh out of it! And who knows, maybe Gallego will reconsider his evasive tactics and start taking the border crisis seriously. One can only hope.

Written by Staff Reports

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