Democrat Senators Privately Doubt Biden’s Chances Against Trump in 2024 Election

A new report suggests that Democratic Senators Michael Bennett (CO), Jon Tester (MT), and Sherrod Brown (OH) may secretly doubt President Joe Biden’s chances against President Trump in the upcoming election.

Sources indicate that during a private Democratic caucus lunch, the Senators expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to win the election. While they have not publicly confirmed these sentiments, reporters note that Bennett and Tester did not deny making such statements. Tester’s spokesperson commented on Biden’s debate performance, raising doubts about his suitability for the presidency and calling for him to prove himself to the American people.

Tester’s apprehension may stem from his own reelection challenges in Montana, where he faces tough competition from Republican Tim Sheehy. Polls suggest a preference for Republicans in the state, both in the Senate race and the presidential election, with Trump leading Biden by a significant margin.

The latest data also indicates Biden trailing Trump in key battleground states like Wisconsin, with older voters reportedly leaning towards the Republican candidate. This comes after criticisms of Biden’s performance in recent debates, leading to internal strife within the Democratic party over concerns about his age and fitness for office.

In light of these revelations, it seems some Democratic Senators are privately questioning Biden’s ability to secure victory in the upcoming election, fueling uncertainties within the party as the race heats up.

Written by Staff Reports

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