Democrats Debate Biden’s Competence Eyeing 25th Amendment as Harris Waits in the Wings

The Democrats were in a tizzy, debating whether Joe Biden’s stumbling debate performance meant he should be sidelined from his presidential run. The left-wing chatter was all about questioning Biden’s competence to hold the highest office in the land. Some voices in the echo chamber even suggested ousting Biden and putting Vice President Kamala Harris in the driver’s seat.

The liberal mob seems to conveniently forget their own calls to remove Trump using the same backdoor tactics they now advocate for Biden. It’s a typical move from the side that claims to uphold the virtues of democracy while eagerly reaching for emergency clauses that could undermine the election process.

The 25th Amendment, originally designed to ensure a smooth transition of power in case of emergencies like the Kennedy assassination, now finds itself dragged into the political mud by those yearning to see a Democrat in the Oval Office. The historical context of the amendment’s inception during the aftermath of JFK’s tragic death highlights the need for clear procedures in cases of unexpected presidential incapacitation.

While the hypothetical scenario of Biden willingly stepping down and passing the torch to Harris seems straightforward enough, the real intrigue lies in the rarely tested Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. This section deals with the complex process of determining presidential incapacity while leaving room for a potential return to power if the incapacitation proves temporary.

In the unlikely event of a serious attempt to trigger the 25th Amendment to remove Biden, the burden would fall on Congress to make the final call. With the current political landscape teetering on a razor’s edge, getting the necessary two-thirds majority in both chambers to oust Biden would be a Herculean task.

The Democrats’ dreams of using the 25th Amendment as a political pawn to force Biden out of office seem far-fetched and impractical. It becomes crystal clear that the true avenue for change lies in the voting booths, not in the convoluted corridors of a constitutional crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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