Democrats Eye Harris as Savior After Biden’s Debate Debacle

Looks like Democrats are in panic mode, and rightly so. After Joe Biden’s calamitous debate performance, it seems his own party is practically begging him to step aside. It’s like watching Game of Thrones but with fewer dragons and more geriatrics. Elected Democrats and their major donors are scrambling for any semblance of youth and energy, and their eyes have fallen on Kamala Harris as the potential savior of their sinking ship.

Joe Biden insists he’s not going anywhere, yet the calls for his withdrawal are growing louder. Democrats are beginning to whisper that Harris might be their only shot to avoid a political Titanic. It’s laughable, considering Harris’s own plethora of issues, but apparently, desperation breeds delusion. With Biden appearing more and more like dead weight, Democrats might actually push Kamala Harris to the front of the line.

Despite Trump holding a solid polling lead over Biden, albeit maintaining a narrow edge over Harris, some in the GOP are concerned about Trump underestimating the supposed threat Harris poses. In its infinite wisdom, Axios claims that Harris could potentially mobilize voting blocks that Biden can’t. A word to the wise: If the Democrats are banking on Kamala to save them, they might as well plan their concession speech now.

Trump’s age advantage over Biden is another factor in this political soap opera. While Trump may have his best years behind him, at least he can form coherent sentences, unlike Sleepy Joe. Harris, at 59, stands to reframe the age debate entirely. Democrats hope that swapping out Methuselah for someone with a bit more spring in their step could erase the age narrative dogging their campaign.

The left would have everyone believe Trump attacking Harris is akin to political suicide. Advisers warn that Trump’s critiques of a black, South Asian woman could alienate minority voters. However, this seems overly optimistic on the Democrats’ part. Trump’s straightforward style resonated with countless Americans who were tired of political correctness. The real question is, will the Democrats’ identity politics save them, or will Americans see it for the pandering it is?

Let’s not forget Trump’s edge with women voters, which has grown stronger post-debate. Polls have shown that Trump beat Biden comfortably, but Harris narrows that margin slightly among women, yet the numbers don’t lie. The Democrats might want to consider that before they crown Harris as their queen bee.

In the end, Harris might be poised as Biden’s replacement, but the Democrats’ panic is evident. As reports of Democratic unease continue to bubble up following Biden’s disastrous night on stage, they have much more to worry about than just convincing Joe to retire. If Kamala Harris is their Hail Mary, they might be benched well before November.

Written by Staff Reports

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